Arts and Lectures


The Mondavi Center Presenting Program of concerts, dance, plays, lectures, and other cultural events are designed to enrich and extend the educational and community service mission of the campus.

Committee Charge

The Arts and Lectures Committee advises the Executive Director and staff of the Mondavi Center in three major areas: Review of all aspects of Mondavi Center presenting program performances through performance attendance, ongoing assessment of the entire Mondavi Center customer service experience, and feedback that supports the development of future Mondavi Center seasons.


Membership includes a maximum of 15-20 members, with the following minimums: 

  • 5 Faculty
  • 5 Staff
  • 5 Students (at least 3 undergraduate and 2 graduate students) and,
  • 2 Ex Officio, non-voting members (MC Executive Director and MC Director of Programming).

The following also participate informally: Dean of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies, MC Director of Marketing, and MC Programming Manager.

Term of Service / Time Commitment

One-year term of appointment begins Spring Quarter.

Special Instructions / Requirements

Please indicate whether your interest/experience is in: music, drama, dance, or lectures. Committee members are required to attend programs of Mondavi Center and provide a written evaluation. The full committee meets at least 1 time a quarter, with additional outside committee work throughout the year.


Jeremy Ganter

Committee Rosters

Annual Reports

Committee Membership Application