Transportation and Parking Services


Assists the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campus Planning and Community Resources in the formulation of policies and procedures related to the overall transportation program of the Davis campus including vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic circulation patterns, and parking facilities and programs as well as the operations and services of the University Airport.

Committee Charge

Provides a communication link between the users of transportation programs and those responsible for providing such programs and enforcing the regulations governing them.


  • 4 Students (2 graduates, and 2 undergraduate students)
  • 2 Academic Senate Staff
  • 1 Academic Federation
  • 2 Staff
  • 1 Visitor Representative (Chair of SEMG)
  • 1 Representative for the Disabled Community (Member of DIAAC)
  • 2 At-Large Members (Members are selected from the pool of TPAAC applicants)
  • 5 Ex Officio
  • Non Voting Members Chair, Director of Transportation and Parking Services; Representative, Police; Representative, Design and Construction Management; Representative, Unitrans; Representative, Administrative and Resource Management.

Term of Service / Time Commitment

Committee meets once a month.

Special Instructions / Requirements



Cliff Contreras

Committee Rosters

Annual Reports

Committee Membership Application