Conflict of Interest


Advises Vice Chancellor of Research on potential conflicts of interest in research based upon financial disclosures from investigators and recommends action to be taken in response to such conflicts.

Committee Charge


  • Faculty from the School of Medicine
  • Faculty College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty College of Engineering
  • Faculty School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty College of Biological Sciences and College of Letters & Science
  • Non-voting, ex-officio participants: Director—Sponsored Programs
  • Non-voting, ex-officio participants: Director — Institutional Review Board
  • Non-voting, ex-officio participants: Director—Research Compliance
  • Non-voting, ex-officio participants: Associate Campus Counsel

Term of Service / Time Commitment

The Committee meets monthly.

Special Instructions / Requirements

This committee welcomes receiving applications from members of the faculty. This Committee is mandated by University Policy or Federal and State Regulations


Mieko Chambers

Committee Rosters

Annual Reports

Committee Membership Application