Course Materials and Services Fee


Advises the Chancellor on the campus Course Materials and Services Fee (CMSF) policy and reviews proposals, and consults as necessary.

Committee Charge

The CMSF committee members are responsible for reviewing units’ proposals to institute fees and making recommendations to the Chancellor regarding the merits of these proposals. The committee is also tasked with regularly reviewing existing course materials and services fees as time goes on and recommending adjustments where appropriate. They may also see a few policy issues related to CMSF’s that the campus will ask the committee to discuss.


  • 3 Students (1 graduate, 2 undergraduate students)
  • 2 Faculty
  • 1 member of the Academic Senate Undergraduate Council
  • 2 Staff
  • 1 Dean
  • 2 Assistant Deans

Term of Service / Time Commitment

Students serve for one-year term of appointment beginning Fall Quarter.

All other committee members serve two-year terms of appointments beginning Fall Quarter.

Committee members are required to attend committee meetings. The full committee meets once every other week, with meetings beginning in January (Winter Quarter). All committee activity should be completed by early March (if not sooner).

Special Instructions / Requirements

New faculty members are nominated by the Academic Senate Committee on Committees. New dean, assistant dean, and staff members are solicited by the Budget and Institutional Analysis. Associated Students, University of California, Davis (ASUCD) reviews applications for new student members and recommends students to the CMSF Committee Chair. Students interested in participating on the committee should indicate major, year, and reason for interest in the Course Materials and Services Fee on their application.


Teresa Strausser

Committee Rosters

Annual Reports

Committee Membership Application