ASUCD Council on Services and Investment


Provide recommendations regarding business oversight and enhanced accountability based on ASUCD’s mission of enhancing the student experience by providing resources, opportunities, and services to cultivate a culture of student leadership and involvement, that is consistent with all applicable University policies.

Committee Charge

The ASUCD Council on Services and Investment will be charged with assisting the association with making long-term business decisions that support the goal of maximizing return and conserving resources, where appropriate, in order to ensure a long-term sustainable financial model that includes local control.


  • 2 Faculty
  • 2 Staff
  • 5 undergraduates + 2 alternates
  • 3 student ex-officio voting members
    • ASUCD Vice President
    • ASUCD Controller
    • ASUCD Senate President Pro Tempore 
  • Ex-officio non-voting members (ASUCD President, ASUCD Business Manager, ASUCD Business & Finance Commission Chair, ASUCD Internal Affairs, ASUCD Unit Directors and Advisor to Administrative Advisory Committees).

Term of Service / Time Commitment

Two-year term of appointment begins Fall Quarter. Meetings monthly or at the request of the Chair of the committee

Special Instructions / Requirements

All members must be in good academic standing based on Grade Point Average (GPA) and registered as a full-time or part-time student at the University of California, Davis, while serving in this capacity. All elected officials will be immediately appointed to the committee once their term begins and immediately removed from the committee once their term in office has expired.


Janice Corbett

Committee Rosters

Annual Reports

Committee Membership Application