Child and Family Care


The Child and Family Care Administrative Advisory Committee (CFCAAC) works closely with UC Davis WorkLife and Wellness and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, to ensure appropriate and adequate programs for employees and students to be successful at work, school, and home. This includes active involvement in:

  • Review and evaluation of campus child and family care activities
  • Review of Student Parent Child Care Funding Program
  • Review of Breastfeeding Support Program
  • Active involvement in Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (TODS)
  • Organization of the Family Swap event

Committee Charge

Advises the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources on programs and policies to meet the child and family care needs of UC Davis students, staff, and faculty; assesses and articulates child and family care concerns, services, and funding, including the review and evaluation of campus child and family care activities; and provides a campus forum for child and family care issues.




Committee membership is comprised of representatives from all campus constituencies: Senate Faculty, Academic Federation, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students

Term of Service / Time Commitment

Committee meets monthly

Special Instructions / Requirements



Megan Rott

Committee Rosters

Annual Reports

Committee Membership Application