Memorandum of Understanding Amendment


February 4, 1998


RE: Amendment to MOU for Undergraduate Representation on the UCD Administrative Advisory Committees

Dear Dave:

Thank you for your quick response to my memorandum of January 22 describing the positive review of the AAC process and the problems experienced by the Arts and Lectures AAC. This memo is to confirm our agreement to amend the MOU to accommodate their special needs and to inform the involved parties of this amendment.

The amendment to the MOU provides for the following:

  • The Arts and Lectures AAC's recruitment panel will select the student membership from the applicant pool, based on the information provided by the student on the application and the committee's interview process.
  • ASUCD Campus Affairs will receive for review and recommendation a list of the student member names, addresses, and reasons for selection, as well as copies of all undergraduate student applications submitted for membership on the Arts and Lectures AAC.
  • The list of recommended student members will then be presented to the Vice Chancellor--University Relations for final approval and appointment.

The rest of the MOU will still apply to the Arts and Lectures AAC, including ASUCD Campus Affairs oversight of the undergraduate student members.

Thanks again for your help in resolving this dilemma. I look forward to another successful year of student participation in the UCD Administrative Advisory Committees.


Larry N. Vanderhoef

c: Interim Vice Chancellor Gina Kelsch, University Relations
Director Steve Weiss, University Cultural Programs
Director Amy Gatzert, ASUCD Campus Affairs
Assistant Director Jennifer Emi, ASUCD Campus Affairs