February - March

The Office of the Chancellor:

  • Updates application materials on Web.
  • Distributes campus wide announcement via the UC Davis campus media outlets.
  • Places media advertisements (The California Aggie, Dateline, Staff Voice, etc.)
  • Sends AAC Guidelines and application/selection process schedule to committee administrators, ASUCD, and GSA.


  • Application available online

April 28

Applications due. Electronic copies of applications are automatically sent to:

  • Committee administrators/contacts 
  • ASUCD (undergraduate student applicants)
  • GSA (graduate student applicants)

April 28 - May 12

  • ASUCD interviews undergraduate student applicants. ASUCD and GSA recommendations due in Chancellor's Office.
  • The Office of the Chancellor sends ASUCD and GSA recommendations to committee administrators.

May 5 - 12

  • Committee administrators appoint committee members and send list of undergraduate and graduate student members to Chancellor's office, ASUCD and GSA, respectively, as soon as possible.

Late May

  • The Office of the Chancellor advertises to fill vacancies, if necessary.

June 5

  • Committee administrators send completed AAC membership lists to the Office of the Chancellor.
  • The Office of the Chancellor sends membership lists to ASUCD and GSA.

June 8

  • Notification sent to all applicants by committee administrator, informing applicants of selection or non-selection on committee.

June 30

  • Committee administrators send AAC annual reports to the Office of the Chancellor.