Where's My Application?

Additional information for students may also be obtained from ASUCD University Affairs (advocacy@asucd.ucdavis.edu) or the Graduate Student Association (gsavicechair@ucdavis.edu).

Committee Contact Telephone
Arts and Lectures Jeremy Ganter (530) 754-5418
ASUCD Council on Services and Investment Janice Corbett 752 1990
Campus Judicial Board Shawn Knight 530-752-1128
Child and Family Care Megan Rott (916) 734-2129
Council on Student Affairs and Fees Sheila Bird 530-752-3565
Course Materials and Services Fee Teresa Strausser (530) 752-2463
Disability Issues Linda Mijangos (530) 752-2071
Media Board Sheri Atkinson 530-752-2139
Staff Diversity Linda Mijangos (530) 752-2071
Status of Women At Davis Linda Mijangos (530) 752-2071
Transportation and Parking Services Cliff Contreras (530) 752-5435
Conflict of Interest Mieko Chambers (916) 754-1184